Top 16 Freight Forwarders in Jeddah

Jeddah is an Arabian port city that shares its borders with the Red sea and is home to people from different parts of the world. Due to its unique location, this place has led to the development of new industries and manufacturing companies. This city comes with excellent transport facilities and has one of the busiest airports in Saudi Arabia. It is also well connected by the sea routes and railway network that facilitates the movement of bulky goods to different locations. The freight forwarding companies in Jeddah come with great services and have well-maintained logistics support that helps to offer time-bound delivery for their loyal customers.

Logistics Companies in Jeddah

These freight forwarding companies have earned great customer satisfaction with their high-quality services and are in high demand in Jeddah nowadays. They come with efficient navigation tools that allow them to choose the most convenient and shortest route for delivery. These companies offer great discounts and price ranges for their services, making them affordable for the common people. Here we will discuss a list of the top 16 freight forwarding companies in Jeddah that are trendy and provide time-bound services.

16 Top Freight Forwarder Companies in Jeddah

Jeddah Express Co. Ltd (Jedex)

This company offers customized, end-to-end logistics solutions at a reliable cost and attractive discounts. They have more than a fleet of 100 trailers and dedicated warehousing support and have been working in this field for more than 30 years. 

Rating: 5.0/5 out of 24 Google reviews
Address: 2706 King Khalid Road, 7136, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 648 3535

Uniworld Freight Services

This company was established in 2003 and has an interconnected network for its delivery and services across 65 countries across the world. They offer door-to-door services and use highly developed tracking tools for secure delivery of freight. 

Rating: 5.0/5 out of 4 Google reviews
Address: 4042 Dist 6377 Ghusn As-Salam Office # 306, Arabian Business Center, Opp. Saudi Investment Bank، Jeddah 23213, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 57 231 5035

Glaube Logistics

They have a well-maintained supply chain logistics that is essentially needed for the process of freight forwarding. This company has high safety standards that are essentially required to carry out proper and time-bound freight forwarding all over Jeddah. 

Rating: 4.8/5 out of 25 Google reviews
Address: Falastin, Mishrifah, Jeddah 23331, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 9200 29306

Bin Dajam Logistics

This company has more than 600 trucks and 800 trailers that deliver fast and reliable delivery services. They are highly focused on container transportation and have gained a great reputation in the last few years with their services. 

Rating: 4.8/5 out of 14 Google reviews
Address: 7653 Al Madinah Al Munawarah Rd, حي البغدادية الشرقية،, Jeddah 22235 4672, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 642 9000

BAFCO International Shipping and Logistics Co. Ltd.

This company comes with well-trained specialists for cargo and freight movement and uses technology and innovation to provide on-time services. They offer door-to-door services and have large terminals and well-connected warehousing support that are essentially required for proper freight forwarding. 

Rating: 4.7/5 out of 35 Google reviews
Address: Hamza Shata Street, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 642 0333

Saudi Lana Logistics

They are one of the top consulting companies in Saudi Arabia that provide great help in the field of freight forwarding. They have well-trained staff who are highly dedicated and can work in a dynamic environment to meet industry standards. 

Rating: 4.7/5 out of 34 Google reviews
Address: 140610 Palestine Street Hamra Dist,، Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 661 5711

Fast n Accurate Custom Clearance and Logistics

This company first started operating in the year 2013 and has increased its services in the field of ocean and freight management. It consists of a highly sophisticated transportation system that comes with experienced drivers for fast delivery without any hassle. 

Rating: 4.3/5 out of 18 Google reviews
Address: Madeena Road, Al Jawhara Building, Al-Baghdadiya, Jeddah, K.S.A 21464, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 653 0034

Wasil Jabir Freight Forwarding

They have more than 1000+ happy customers and have received great feedback with their high quality of services. Their online support is excellent as you can keep a track of your goods from time to time with the id provided to you. 

Rating: 4.1/5 out of 20 Google reviews
Address: Prince Mutaib bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al-Rehab, Jeddah 23343, Saudi Arabia

Circle Global Logistics

This company offers services in the field of goods management and dry and liquid transportation at a reasonable cost. They provide high safety in the movement of heavy cargo and manage large-scale projects for on-time delivery. 

Rating: 3.9/5 out of 20 Google reviews
Address: District street، Mishrifah, Jeddah 23331, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 669 5544

Bader Cargo Shipping & Packaging Services

This company provides secured packaging and logistics services all over Saudi Arabia and has more than 10 years of experience in this field. They work with more than 120 airlines across the world who are responsible for transporting freight to different international locations. 

Rating: 3.8/5 out of 84 Google reviews
Address: King Khalid Road, Al Sharafeyah, Jeddah 22234, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 59 700 1070

Skyway Cargo

They have more than 23 years of experience in the field of warehousing support and freight delivery. They have a full level of services to meet customer needs and demands and offer updates from time to time online. 

Rating: 3.8/5 out of 8 Google reviews
Address: Al Kuwayt, Al Faisaliyyah, Jeddah 23442, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 639 7707

Buzyb Shipping Logistics

They are one of the well-established companies in the city and rely on innovation and safety standards during delivery. They come with great shipping and logistics support and their main priority is to offer secured time-bound delivery of freight. Also check the Dubai freight forwarding companies list here.

Rating: 3.7/5 out of 6 Google reviews
Address: Mahdi Al Muslih, Al-Thaalba, Jeddah 22322, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 59 053 6554


This company has expanded its freight forwarding operations in the last 25 years and is one of the most prestigious companies in the town. They have a good infrastructure and have an extensive network of logistics professionals who are working hard for increasing customer satisfaction. 

Rating: 3.5/5 out of 15 Google reviews
Address: 7155 King Fahd Rd, Mishrifah District, 3891 King Fahd Rd, Mishrifah District Jeddah 23336 3891، Jeddah 23336, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 286 9641

Al-Zafer Wings Cargo Services Co.

For almost four decades, they have been providing services in the field of freight forwarding and shipping with the help of their well-organized team members.  Their online support is active all the time as you can get frequent updates with the help of the tracking id provided. 

Rating: 3.4/5 out of 27 Google reviews
Address: Al-Maghrib Al Arabi, الحمراء، Jeddah 23212, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 59 009 7182

Namma Cargo Service

Coupled with global interconnectivity, this company is one of the leading logistics providers in Saudi Arabia with local coverage and expertise. They have 27 years of experience in the field of freight forwarding and are in high demand nowadays due to their improved level of services. 

Rating: 3.5/5 out of 14 Google reviews
Address: Fayd As Samaa, Al-Ruwais, Jeddah 23213, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 220 3434


This company has good pickup and delivery services and comes with great customer support who are there to assist you from time to time. They highly focus on safety protocols to ensure the safe delivery of freight and have excellent warehousing facilities. 

Rating: 3.4/5 out of 147 Google reviews
Address: Behind Jeddah clinic hospital, Al Matar, Al Kandarah, Jeddah 22242, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 9200 27447

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